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Who am I?


A woman who seeks to love more and suffer less; to grow, to learn, to understand, to accept, to belong, to express myself and to find meaning in the experience of life.

My motto is: "If I am already here, I might as well be here."  


My adult life began as an architect and interior designer. A few years later, I moved with my husband and two children to New-Zealand, a passage which awoke in me a renewed preoccupation with issues of identity and belonging as a link in a chain of generations of immigrants. It also led to a significant change in my professional domain: a shift in focusing from the external aspect of 'home' to the internal, psychological one.


After having completed my studies in counseling, I worked in several support centers treating various disorders in a wide range of populations in distress: Postnatal Depression Support Organization, Women's Center and Refugee Aid Organization. When I returned to Israel, ten years later, I extended my studies into Body Psychotherapy. 


I have practiced therapy for a decade, in recent years in the field of Body-Centered Experiential Psychotherapy, using the "Hakomi" and "Biosynthesis" methods. I love my work, the intimate encounter with another person who is like 'an entire universe'. It is a creative and intriguing experience which enriches my life. 


Additionally, I have been practicing Yoga for fifteen years and rediscover time and again the reviving force experienced by connecting to the body in a quiet introspection. I experience this connection to the body as a way of finding my home in the world. 


Twenty-seven years of being in a stable relationship is still teaching me to grow within a relationship, embrace the other, commit, devote and love. 


In our long stay in New-Zealand I have learned to slow down, breath, connect to myself, to nature, to a quiet simplicity.


Through my personal way of healing and growth, I am learning to respect and hold with love and compassion different aspects within myself.


I bring all of these experiences into the therapy room and to the human encounter.


Today, I have a private practice in north Tel-Aviv and I work as a teaching- assistant in a training program for therapists at the Hakomi Institute of Israel.


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