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Body psychotherapy-based on mindfulness 



What is Body psychotherapy?

It is like the traditional talk therapy but it extends the reference to the body as well.

Body psychotherapy invites us to 'come home' to our body and to the wisdom of our senses. It enables us to listen to the psyche through our body.


What is mindfulness?

It is a state of consciousness through which we focus our attention on our body and our inner experience.


The body holds a vast source of information and healing potential, a mirror which reflects our inner life. The body language, posture, muscle tone, movements and sensations open a direct pathway to the unconscious. 


In our minds there is an ongoing verbal discourse, processing and censoring our experiences into a story according to constructs of the past. In contrast, the dialogue with the sensorial-physical experience enables us to reach the authentic experience, ingrained in our body, to relive it in the present in a non-judgmental space and thus to change it. 


The body is capable of telling us about its sensations: which thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perceptions dominate us, which memories affect us and which patterns we have created out of them. These patterns and beliefs, formed in the past, manage our lives automatically and unconsciously and mostly prevent us from fulfilling our desires and longings. Experiential learning of these patterns and the perceptions behind them helps us release their grip on us. The therapeutic encounter generates new experiences which in turn create a new form of reference to ourselves and to the world.


For me, psychotherapy is the place of an intimate encounter and an inner befriending with ourselves. I believe that the readiness to be in touch with the vulnerable aspects of our being, in a space of unconditional acceptance, gives rise to a place of strength, authenticity and love.


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